PT. Rumah Makan Deltasari Indah


Combining traditional natural ingredients and spices, Bumbu Ajaib strives to provide a flavor that thrill the taste buds by using the right mix and balance. We place a strong value on offering authentic Indonesian dishes that are both distinctive and delicious. Bumbu Ajaib instant cooking paste is easy to prepare without compromising the colour and texture if dishes.

Since 2014. We believe that
healthy food is tasty.

Inspired by the rich taste of Indonesian seasoning and spices, PT. Rumah Makan Deltasari Indah. an incorporated company engaged in Food & Beverage sector, introduced Bumbu Ajaib in 2020. Bumbu Ajaib is a multipurpose spice in one package. Our Bumbu Ajaib is hygienically processed, clean, healthy, and safe which can be consumed directly and can be applied to various types of food preparations, including Kebuli Rice, Meat Rendang, Fried Rice, Meat Curry, Fried Noodles, Chicken Curry, Lodha Chicken, Chicken Seasoning Rujak, Crab Curry and Egg, Chicken Martabak and more.

PT. Rumah Makan Delatasari has received the CHSE Certificate, I Do Care Certificate from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Industries in 2020. In improving product safety, we have been collaborating along with the Business Incubator-LPPM of the National Development University (UPN) Veteran East Java in terms of food technology assistance. In this case, we also are supported by Food Experts, Nutritionists, and Information Technology Experts. Our products have met the standards of GMP- HACCP, BPOM, and ISO 220000:2018. In addition to the Halal, P-IRT, and Hygiene-worthy certifications that we have previously obtained and maintain up until now.


Our Mission

Maintaining a high-quality, nutritionally delicious, easy to apply product that reflects Indonesia's food experience.

Our Vision

Aiming to be the world's most chosen premium manufacturer of Indonesian's high-quality culinary delights.


Providing authentic Indonesian flavor and high quality culinary product to our customers.